Brisbane Escapes: Total Carnage @ Cryptology

I seem to be getting into a habit of being captured by serial killers. This time I found myself cuffed to the floor in a pitch black room. The killer would return soon, and I’d need to escape to avoid the Total Carnage they were bringing. General Details “Total Carnage” Cryptology, Kingpin Bowling, Chermside Shopping […]

Brisbane Escapes: The Pharaoh’s Tomb @ home

On tour in Egypt, you explore Tutankhamen’s tomb. The door slams shut behind you – trapped! Can you escape The Pharaoh’s Tomb? General Details “The Pharaoh’s Tomb” Kosmos, Exit: The Game series 60 minutes 1–6 players Website How We Played 13 July 2017 2 players Succeeded Hints: 1 51 minutes 36 seconds The Experience The […]

Brisbane Escapes: Secret of Dr Gravely’s Retreat @ home

After winning a health package for Foxcrest Retreat, we found ourselves trapped! Could we uncover the Secret of Dr Gravely’s Retreat? General Details “Secret of Dr Gravely’s Retreat” ThinkFun, Escape the Room series 120 minutes (90 minutes if more than 3 players) 3-8 players (I don’t even recommend that many) Website How We Played 8 […]

Brisbane Escapes: Squeek & Sausage @ home

Oh no! The evil Professor Noside is doing something evil… as usual. Will you solve the mysteries of Squeek & Sausage to stop him? General Details “Squeek & Sausage” Space Cowboys, Unlock! series 60 minutes 2–6 players Website How We Played 1 July 2017 4 players Succeeded Hints: 1 35 minutes 7 seconds The Experience […]

Brisbane Escapes: The Abandoned Cabin @ home

Wandering, lost, through the dark forest, we came across an eerie, silent house. We need a place to stay – we spend the night. But when we awaken the door is locked – we are trapped in the abandoned cabin! General Details “The Abandoned Cabin” Kosmos, Exit: The Game series 60 minutes 1–6 players Website […]

Brisbane Escapes: The Covenant @ Escape Manor

6 June 2006. Life was hard then. Suddenly: an opportunity. An advert in the paper. The lawyer Lou Cipher offers to fix your life – for a price. You sign on the dotted line. Years later, a dark cloud hangs over you. You realise it all started after that day. You return to Lou Cipher’s […]

Brisbane Escapes: The Asylum @ Escape Manor

We entered the old facility as part of a tour. The lights flicker… a creepy voice plays over the intercom. Do we have what it takes to escape The Asylum? General Details “The Asylum” Escape Manor, Lvl 4, 51 Edward St, Brisbane CBD 45 minutes 2-6 players allowed Listed difficulty: 20% (success rate) Website How […]

Brisbane Escapes: Escape the Jigsaw @ Quest Rooms

A killer has captured you, locking you up in an asylum. You have only an hour to… Escape the Jigsaw. General Details “Escape the Jigsaw” Quest Room, 13 Cordelia St, South Brisbane 60 minutes 2-5 players allowed Listed difficulty: Challenging Website How We Played 14 April 2017 4 players Succeeded Hints: 1 Around 50 minutes […]

Brisbane Escapes: Monkey Run @ Puzzled Room Escape

Subjected to illegal experiments by a mad scientist, we thought we were trapped forever. However, when a fellow monkey test subject gains superior intelligence and escapes, it leaves behind instructions to help us on our very own Monkey Run. General Details “Monkey Run” Puzzled Room Escape, 1177 Logan Rd., Holland Park West 60 minutes 2-6 […]

Brisbane Escapes: Dr Irov’s Laboratory @ Puzzled Room Escape

After hearing of unethical experiments at Dr Irov’s Laboratory, our crack team of scientists entered to investigate and put an end to it. But little did we know that the experimental subjects had their own agenda that could spell our doom… General Details “Dr Irov’s Laboratory” with BATTLE MODE ENGAGED Puzzled Room Escape, 1177 Logan […]