Supremacy 1914 – New Campaign!

I am starting a new campaign which will be a series of blog posts going through my awesome journey fighting in the online strategy game: Supremacy 1914. Supremacy 1914 is a browser-based WWI based strategy game, where you take control of a leader of a real or fictional power back then. You then have to manage your resources, build your provinces, and build armies and invade (For resources and empire!)

I always have enjoyed playing the game because it is strategic, so you have to plan your moves, but also has alot of depth and variety to make it a deep strategy game regardless of its online status. Hence, after many hard-fought battles both won and lost, I am currently the rank of Lieutenant:

Play Supremacy 1914, the free real-time strategy online games and the Browsergame of the Year 2009!

Thus begins my series of posts. Each will be a story of what is going on, in a diary/roleplaying form.

New Campaign: Central America

Monday 30 November 1914, 0800h

America 30.11.2015

Washington DC, White House, President David Rogers

I have woken this Monday 30 November 1914 to find myself in a situation which is completely inhospitable, and unacceptable. There are enemies all around me: on my north, is the fractured northern half of North America, and to the South the fractious confederates who do not care much for the laws of war, culture, or the rights of man.

I am alerting the forces of our great nation, the Central American Republic, to ready status. There is conflict in the air, both here and abroad. I feel a great sense of trepidation, and the duty to ensure that our citizens are safe from our enemies, and prosper in a free and just state. This is what they voted me to do just a few months ago, so I will do as is needed.

I was talking to police and the courts yesterday about the importance of public law and order at this time. The only thing we can do is make sure that our citizens are safe and our nation prosperous. I have also asked that the cinemas and theatres to increase the number of movies and shows that are available. We need to be prepared for the wellbeing of our citizens, whatever happens.

I continue to prepare the armies incase combat occurs. In particular are worrying reports coming from Newfoundland’s territory to the West. Prime Minister Edward Morris continues his war against the Cherokee in the West, and this is causing much strife along Cincinatti. I am alerting our forces to be prepared for action if necessary.


Central American Republic on 30.11.1914

Central American Republic on 30.11.1914

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