• 6 June 2006. Life was hard then. Suddenly: an opportunity. An advert in the paper. The lawyer Lou Cipher offers to fix your life – for a price. You sign on the dotted line. Years later, a dark cloud hangs over y […]

    • Yeah i think if they’re going to be that sneaky with hiding things, they need to make a mark or etching that catches someone’s eye. Can be subtle but at least have something there.
      hate tricky locks, such time wasters, makes us second guess and go over the working out of the answer, when we got it right the first time, but lock is just crap. Also there was a very unclear character for no reason, we had to call to clarify if we’re correct because of this 1 character which wasn’t clear what it should be and that stupid lock.
      Also 45mins and 1 clue is not cool. What happened to 60mins man!

  • We entered the old facility as part of a tour. The lights flicker… a creepy voice plays over the intercom. Do we have what it takes to escape The Asylum?
    General Details
    “The Asylum”
    Escape Manor, Lvl 4, 51 E […]

    • I really enjoyed the room but 6 people was too much for me. We lost track of who did what very easily. And the communication went downhill. It was good there was lots to do and i enjoyed the different puzzles involved.
      I really don’t like their 45min rule either, and thought the walktie talkie idea was a disappointment, spent time just to unlock something that should have been given to us.
      Needless to say, we didn’t get out :=(
      wish i could re-do.

  • The agency has asked you to investigate the laboratory of a genius chemist to find evidence of a truth serum he invented. Can you find The Formula and escape?
    General Details
    “The Formula”
    Space Cowboys, […]

  • It seemed like easy money. You volunteered for the experiment eagerly, but when you arrived the room was empty. Now you are trapped and must escape from The Secret Lab.
    General Details
    “The Secret Lab”
    Kosmos, […]

  • Your employer, a brilliant astronomer, recently fired his entire staff, becoming a recluse. He has not been seen for some time. You visit his home to see what has happened. Can you solve the mystery at the […]

  • A killer has captured you, locking you up in an asylum. You have only an hour to… Escape the Jigsaw.
    General Details
    “Escape the Jigsaw”
    Quest Room, 13 Cordelia St, South Brisbane
    60 minutes
    2-5 players a […]

  • Terrorists have plotted to blow up London! Even Scotland Yard’s finest aren’t good enough to find the final bomb’s location, so you’ll need to seek the help of the famous Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. Unfortu […]

  • Subjected to illegal experiments by a mad scientist, we thought we were trapped forever. However, when a fellow monkey test subject gains superior intelligence and escapes, it leaves behind instructions to help us […]

  • After hearing of unethical experiments at Dr Irov’s Laboratory, our crack team of scientists entered to investigate and put an end to it. But little did we know that the experimental subjects had their own agenda […]

    • I thought I’d chime in with my 0.02AUD. I was also on the winning scientists team in Dr Irvov’s labratory.

      The major feature under discussion/playtesting is the battle mode, where as discussed above, as soon as one team completes the room, the game is over for the other team. After some reflection, I’m not sold on the idea of battle mode. The winning team does get a slightly better experience, but for the losing team, it ends up with there being puzzles that you will never get to experience the joy of solving.

      I have a pet theory that the ideal number of people to have in an escape room is the minimum number of people for which your team will escape. Which is of course a number that you don’t know ahead of time, and depends on how parallelisable the structure of the room is. This room takes 2-6 people – with 2 it would be very difficult to escape and should only be attempted by the best hunters. With 5-6 it is clearly very doable/easy, as evidenced by our time.

      I don’t think I can add too much to the review above. This is very clearly the best escape room I’ve experienced in Brisbane so far (having done Missing Missy at Solve and Unlock, and Bomb at Government House at Escape Hunt), which gives me confidence in returning for their other rooms.

      rating: A.

  • A broken down car. The vast expanses of the outback. A mysterious shed with the door ajar. You enter looking for help. Welcome to your own personal Outback Hell.
    General Details
    “Outback Hell”
    Escape Room Oz, […]

  • Trapped on an enemy submarine, we are doomed unless we figure out the systems, reach the surface and escape. But will we survive the Missile Meltdown?

    General Details

    “Missile Meltdown”
    Solve and Unlock, 3 […]

  • There has been a murder! A jockey has fallen from his horse and died under suspicious circumstances. Police have a suspect in custody, but are they truly responsible? It is up to us to get to the bottom of the […]

  • We step into the room. A desk, a barber’s chair, a barber pole. As Brisbane detectives, it is up to us to search for the clues that will tell us who perpetrated the Murder in the Barber Shop.

    General D […]

  • We stepped into the pitch black. Eerie noises echoed through the space, shadows flickered and vanished as our weak candles flickered in our hands. Would we be able to solve the disappearances and escape from the […]

  • Here I provide a series of venue profiles outlining what to expect from the different venues around Brisbane. Where relevant, I provide links to reviews of specific rooms. I will update these profiles with new […]

  • Something about the room seems wrong. We are caught in between sleeping and waking, and feel a creeping anxiety settle in. We must escape from the “Dream Catcher” or we risk remaining suspended in eternal […]

  • As members of the school’s puzzle club, we are concerned when our friend Missy doesn’t show up. Stepping into her foreboding home, we wonder if we will find the Missing Missy in time.

    General […]

  • ID cards in hand, we stand against a bloodstained wall. We are all suspects, we are told, in the Puzzle Tech Murder. But who was responsible for Head of Finance, Benjamin Pierce’s death? We have only 60 minutes to […]

  • The bare room contains a series of lockers, some posters, and a door. Somehow we must work together to open up all of the lockers, solve the puzzles and earn the golden trophy hidden in the final locked […]

  • Trapped in our jail cell, we look around. A small desk. Some books. A shelf. And locks. Lots and lots of locks. It looks like it’s time for a jail escape.

    General Details

    “Jail Escape”
    Fort Locks, 887 Ann […]

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