Introduction to Town of Salem

My fellow Geeks.

I have uploaded this video of me playing a game called “Town of Salem” that I bought during one of the Steam Sales. It is very much like playing a variant on Werewolf  or Mafia for those of you who are familiar with the board game. However the moderator is controlled by the AI and while there are similar roles there are also roles you could never do in person like the Medium who talks to the dead in a chat box. Also during the night the Mafioso get to speak to each other.

For those unfamiliar with Mafia or who might need a refresher on the basics in the game you are either a member of the Mafia or a Townie. In this version all Townies have powers, so that’s a plus. If you are a Mafioso your goal is to kill everyone in town who is not by visiting them at night and murdering them. If you’re a townie you want to hang all the evil doers during the day (only one per day can happen but in this game it isn’t guaranteed, unlike Mafia). Of course there’ll be a lot of arguments and deceptive talk going on but that’s all part of the game.  Ohh and watch out for the Serial Killer as he wants everyone else dead and the Jester who wants to be hung and will kill you with grief for doing it.

Check out the game I recorded below with a bit of commentary.

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