The Brisbane Geek Social club runs many different types of events relating to our interest in pop-culture, be it movies, board games, tv shows, roleplaying, books, or just alot of fun.

1.) Tabletop Games

We run events where we play Tabletop Games of all sorts – Card Games, Board Games, Miniatures, etc.

We run a weekly event on Saturday’s from 10 am to 7 pm. We run this event with our friends at Good Games, where our members come together, play board games, and have alot of fun.

All people experienced or new to playing tabletop games are welcome to come! So come join us, and challenge yourself and have some fun!

2.) Movie Nights

The club also runs movie nights where the group goes to watch a movie with other members. Be it sci-fi, fantasy, comedy or action, we run quite a few movie nights throughout the year.

Do you want to meet other members in a fun, social context? Come to one of our movie nights!

3.) Roleplaying

We have alot of people in the club who love roleplaying, be it Live-Action Roleplaying (LARP), tabletop roleplaying, or just general roleplaying altogether. From campaigns to brief, fun roleplays, our members enjoy roleplaiyng of all sorts.

Events are run with our roleplaying leaders, so come and join us for this event and get your character roleplaying on!

4.) Book Club

The club is also running a book club, which we intend to run monthly. In conjunction with our friends at Pulp Fiction, we will be having the ‘monthly read’, and a general conversation about everything books! Run as a relaxed, casual event, the book club is perfect for those geeks who enjoy books and literature.

So come join our book club and have a great time!

5.) Social Events

We also run social events, such as social drinks, coffee, and other such social events run at places like San Churros, the Coffee Club or elsewhere.

They are a great way to meet other members, and have conversations about many topics of interest for our members. We invite you to have a great time at our social events, so look out for these on our event calendar!

6.) Other Events (Conventions/Theatre productions/festivals/etc)

There are many different events happening around Brisbane, be it Supanova, Comic-Con, or something at QPAC. We make events for our members to attend these types of occasions, so make sure to keep your eye out and join us.

Come join us, and enjoy the events therin

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