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Hello fellow Geeks!

I am posting today about h Crusader Kings 2, and to introduce a series of Multiplayer journey posts that I will be doing on the blog. I will include some Twitch videos which I have done, but also posts on some of the fun that I have had with BGSC members on our Steam group!

Crusader Kings 2

What is Crusader Kings 2?

Firstly, Crusader Kings 2 is a Grand Strategy game which mixes strategy, roleplaying and history into a really enjoyable game. Crusader Kings 2 is made by Paradox Interactive. The game is set in the medieval ages and can run from between 769 AD – 1480 AD. There is a tonne of DLC that you can get to make the game more fun and exciting, and the game itself brings hours of fun and offers near-infinite re-playability. This is not to mention some of the Mods, such as the Game of Thrones mod, Crusader Kings Z, or other mods.

The game is like a game of medieval chess, with the world at your fingertips. It is not an action RTS where there is alot of violence and graphics to keep you amused, it is a game of pure strategy, planning, logic, and character/family building.

While it takes time to learn, the game can be very rewarding, and also funny and exciting. Many BGSC members and I have been playing the game on multiplayer, giving us hours of fun of plotting, and working together to achieve common goals.

Any tips on getting started?

The best way to start playing Crusader Kings 2 is to play as a Count within an Empire or Kingdom, and working your way up from there. If you start playing as a King, Emperor or Duke you will have to manage your vassals (aka your underlings), making sure they like you, will not rebel, and will give you troops when you go to war. As a count, you can then concentrate on building family relations, making a large family, and eventually taking over duchies, kingdoms and even empires.

The first place to start is always the tutorial, so when you first start playing if you play the tutorial you will get an understanding of how the game works. When you do that, feel free to play multiplayer with other BGSC members, and conquer together or fight eachother for power!


Videos on Youtube you will see how fun the game can be, but also can teach you alot about how to play the game.

These tutorial videos gave me a great insight into the game, I hope they are as helpful to you as they were me!



Well, until next post to commence a series of blogs about journeys in Crusader Kings 2, all the best.

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