Brisbane Escapes: “Locked Locker” @ Fort Locks

The bare room contains a series of lockers, some posters, and a door. Somehow we must work together to open up all of the lockers, solve the puzzles and earn the golden trophy hidden in the final locked locker. General Details “Locked Locker” Fort Locks, 887 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley 60 minutes 2-6 players allowed […]

Captains Log – Stardate 307115

Captain’s Log — Stardate 307115.5356 I have reviewed the website function and main parameters and it seems to be functional and looking fine. After getting this website up and looking good I was filled with a great feeling of joy and excitement! Finally we got here after alot of hard work and determined effort. Currently […]

Session 6 & 7: New directions (RQ3E)

Joshfar looked down his nose at Uzume and her companion, Calvin. She shuffled nervously under his gaze. She had known that it was unwise to bring Calvin back to the clan with her, that his presence would upset the insular sable-riding gang, but she had not been prepared to simply leave him to his own […]