Brisbane Escapes: The Pharaoh’s Tomb @ home

On tour in Egypt, you explore Tutankhamen’s tomb. The door slams shut behind you – trapped! Can you escape The Pharaoh’s Tomb? General Details “The Pharaoh’s Tomb” Kosmos, Exit: The Game series 60 minutes 1–6 players Website How We Played 13 July 2017 2 players Succeeded Hints: 1 51 minutes 36 seconds The Experience The […]

Brisbane Escapes: The Abandoned Cabin @ home

Wandering, lost, through the dark forest, we came across an eerie, silent house. We need a place to stay – we spend the night. But when we awaken the door is locked – we are trapped in the abandoned cabin! General Details “The Abandoned Cabin” Kosmos, Exit: The Game series 60 minutes 1–6 players Website […]

On The Table: Pandemic Contagion

This review was originally posted on Tyson’s blog back in 2014 at here   I recently came into contact with a new pandemic that Z-man Games has released upon the world… hmm maybe I should rephrase that. Pandemic: Contagion is a new game in the Pandemic line published by Z-man games. I made the […]

Introduction: Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time is a fun, story telling game where players use cards to tell stories in an attempt to win by finishing with the ending card. Each player is dealt a hand of cards that represent story elements: objects, people, events, and “aspects” often involved in fairy tales (for instance, there are cards […]