Game On – Town of Salem

This post originally appeared on Tyson’s Blog here in 2015. It is that time of year for people to let out their inner monsters and enjoy the some light hearted “dark” fun. This is Halloween, everybody make a scene. Trick or treat till the neighbours gonna die of fright. No better time to introduce you to […]

Supremacy 1914 – New Campaign!

I am starting a new campaign which will be a series of blog posts going through my awesome journey fighting in the online strategy game: Supremacy 1914. Supremacy 1914 is a browser-based WWI based strategy game, where you take control of a leader of a real or fictional power back then. You then have to […]

Crusader Kings 2 – Vlad’s Journeys

Hello fellow Geeks! I am posting today about h Crusader Kings 2, and to introduce a series of Multiplayer journey posts that I will be doing on the blog. I will include some Twitch videos which I have done, but also posts on some of the fun that I have had with BGSC members on our […]

Introduction to Town of Salem

My fellow Geeks. I have uploaded this video of me playing a game called “Town of Salem” that I bought during one of the Steam Sales. It is very much like playing a variant on Werewolf  or Mafia for those of you who are familiar with the board game. However the moderator is controlled by […]