Brisbane Escapes: Venue Profiles

Here I provide a series of venue profiles outlining what to expect from the different venues around Brisbane. Where relevant, I provide links to reviews of specific rooms. I will update these profiles with new information as it comes. At the end, I provide brief descriptions of some venues outside Brisbane.

Within Brisbane


ExitusLocation: Wintergarden, CBD
Rooms: The Garden, Butcher’s Burrow, Forensic
Pricing: $100/room Mon–Thurs, $150/room Fri–Sun

Description: Tucked away inside Strike Bowling Bar in Wintergarden, Exitus (previously known as Escapism) exists as just a part of a much larger entertainment experience. Exitus is accessible and convenient, located on Queen Street Mall, but it lacks the intimate feel of some of the other venues. Staff are overworked, dividing their time between gamemastering and bar duties, and hint and timing systems are all automated. The rooms are varied, with Forensic as the standout, while the other two lacking any terribly notable features.

Recommended for: Groups looking for something at the start of a night out

Fort Locks

Fort LocksLocation: Fortitude Valley
Rooms: Jail Escape, Locked Locker, Dream Catcher
Pricing: $120 for 3–4 people, $150 for 5–6, +$30 for Dream Catcher

Description: Hidden on the corner of Wandoo and Ann Streets is a tiny placard beside a door. Sometimes the door is open, sometimes it is locked. From the outside, Fort Locks almost seems like a scam, located in an apartment shared by various offices. Once inside the rooms, however, you quickly realise that what Fort Locks lacks in production value it more than makes up for in puzzle design. Its three rooms offer some of the most inventive and varied puzzles available, ranging from clever brainteasers to surprisingly intricate homemade devices. Though the theming is simple, the ideas and ambition are often big, and there are definitely a few surprises on the way.

Recommended for: Experienced puzzlers, medium/large groups, good communicators

Escape Hunt

Rooms: Treachery at the Racetrack, Bomb at Government House, The Jewel Thief
Discontinued reviews: Boggo Rd Gaol Great EscapeMurder at the Barber Shop
Pricing: $37/$35/$33/$31 per person for 2/3/4/5 players

Description: Escape Hunt is the slickest operation in Brisbane, with a beautiful, comfortable waiting area, friendly, dedicated staff and well-made rooms. This is likely a result of their being part of an international franchise. The rooms are small, so large groups might want to look elsewhere. Furthermore, Escape Hunt represents the best value in Brisbane for couples, but the worst value for the maximum group size of five. Escape Hunt puzzles tend to combine intricately hidden items with simple brainteasers, so if you like tearing a room apart (figuratively speaking) searching for tiny details and don’t mind working through familiar, process-based logic puzzles, you will enjoy their rooms. As more escape rooms open in Brisbane, the quality of new rooms at Escape Hunt has improved noticeably in terms of the set design and storytelling.

Recommended for: Small groups and couples, first-timers, hide and seek fans, corporate groups

NOTE: There is another Escape Hunt venue at the Gold Coast with three rooms: Kidnapped on the Beach, Murder in the Cellar, The Lost Weapon. Though this venue is slightly more expensive, I assume other details are similar to the Brisbane franchise. I hope to be able to confirm this in the future.

Puzzled Room Escape

puzzledroomescapeLocation: Holland Park West
Rooms: Puzzle Tech Murder, Haunted Academy, Dr. Irov’s Laboratory, Monkey Run
Pricing: $90/$105/$116/$125/$132 per session for 2/3/4/5/6 players

Description: Puzzled Room Escape is especially interesting for their very strict design rationale. Each of their rooms contains puzzles represented by locked boxes, and the designers have worked very hard to ensure it is always clear how each clue relates to a team’s progression. Each puzzle solved also reveals narrative, which is written on a laminated card in each box. This gives the escape rooms at Puzzled Room Escape some of the strongest flow of any in Brisbane, and make them great examples of escape room structure. Their other unique selling point is the use of roleplay, which is occasionally integrated in surprising ways into the puzzles and narrative of the rooms. One of the best implementations of this is in battle mode, which combines Dr Irov’s Laboratory and Monkey Run to create a head-to-head competition against two teams. The staff here are incredibly enthusiastic and friendly, and happy to chat about their approach to their rooms.

Recommended for: First-timers, those interested in puzzle design, roleplayers, those looking for a good general room, large groups who want to battle each other

Solve and Unlock (NOW CLOSED)

solve-and-unlock-puzzle-room-escape-puzzle61Location: Sunnybank
Rooms: Lab Rat 2, Missing Missy, Missile Meltdown
Pricing: $30/$28/$25 per person for 2/4/6 players, +$5 Fri–Sun, $5 student discount

Description: Solve and Unlock is another venue that can be difficult to find, as the front door is located in a car park that is often locked until five minutes before a session starts. There is no waiting space, and both the briefing and debrief tend to be rushed since the venue allows bookings every hour. The rooms themselves are a masterclass in thematic immersion, with phenomenal set and prop design, use of music and other sounds, and use of atmospheric lighting to draw you into the (admittedly fairly simple) narratives. Story progresses naturally through use of recordings and contextual features. The puzzles can sometimes feel a little illogical or frustrating, however, and no indication of the time remaining is given. This last issue stems from their innovative use of narrative climax, so is easily forgiven.

Recommended for: Roleplayers, those seeking adventure and a narrative experience

Seraphim Escape

seraphimLocation: Redbank Plains
Rooms: Executioner’s Toolshed, Enchanted Forest
Pricing: $120 per room

Description: Recently opened. I hope to update with impressions when I get a chance to visit.

Escape Manor

Location: CBD
Rooms: The Asylum, The Covenant, The Gallery (COMING SOON), Wine Cellar Escape (COMING SOON)
Pricing: $33 per person

Description: A Canadian franchise that has decided to open in Brisbane. Escape Manor is different from other rooms, requiring participants to book tickets individually, making it a good option for individuals or smaller teams who don’t mind being paired with strangers. They only give you 45 minutes to escape, which is even less that Exitus’ 50 minutes! They also limit teams to a single hint, and you need to find a walkie talkie somewhere in each room before you can use that hint. The rooms are solidly designed with no particular standout features, though the puzzle structure works well for larger groups.

Recommended for: Larger groups or couples that don’t mind working with strangers.

Quest Room

Location: South Brisbane
Rooms: Sherlocked, Escape the Jigsaw
Pricing: $85/120/150/175 for 2/3/4/5 participants

Description: The design of Russian rooms inspires the Quest Room owners. They focus on the experience and immersion of the escape room experience, with some cool gadgetry that makes their locks a little more exciting than the standard combination padlock. Of the two rooms they currently have available, Sherlocked is the most impressive in terms of its atmosphere and immersion – it really feels like you have entered 19th century London! Their Jigsaw room is less impressive, and despite some clever puzzle ideas is more in line with what you can experience at other venues.

Recommended for: Players looking for a premium, immersive experience. Sherlocked in particular is impressive.

Other Venues in Queensland

Escape Room Oz

Location: Caloundra
Rooms: Time Travellers Room, Outback Hell, The Dungeon
Pricing: $39/$35/$29 per person for 2/3/4+ players

Description: The rooms here are well-designed, often integrating narrative into the puzzle design in an unobtrusive manner. Their rooms are quite varied, and each would suit a different sized group.

Tick Tock Escape Room

Location: Toowoomba
Rooms: The Leonardo da Vinci Room, Submarine Escape, Lockdown in Chernobyl (OPENING SOON)
Pricing: $40/$38/$36/$34/$32 per person for 2/3/4/5/6+ players

Description: A recently-opened venue, I hope to be able to provide more detail in the future. Submarine Escape is, as far as I am aware, identical to the now-closed Missile Meltdown at Solve & Unlock.

Breakout the Room

Location: Hervey Bay
Rooms: Walking Dead Escape, Asylum Escape
Pricing: $80/$100/$120/$140 for teams of 2 or 3/4/5/6

Description: Breakout the Room has been in business for some time. They seem to focus on licensed properties such as TV shows for their themes. I have not yet visited this venue, and hope to be able to provide more information in the future.

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