Brisbane Escapes: Missile Meltdown @ Solve and Unlock

Trapped on an enemy submarine, we are doomed unless we figure out the systems, reach the surface and escape. But will we survive the Missile Meltdown?

General Details

“Missile Meltdown”
Solve and Unlock, 3 Zamia Street, Sunnybank
60 minutes
4-7 players allowed
Listed difficulty: N/A

How We Played

11 June 2016
6 players
Hints: 0
43 minutes

The Experience

Missile Meltdown is a different kind of escape room. Its focus is providing an immersive, exciting narrative experience, and it does so through excellent decoration, use of technology, and props. The submarine creaks and groans, you hear the explosions as missiles hit their targets, and your progress is guided by pre-recorded dialogue.

Communication with the gamemaster is provided via a walkie-talkie, but you are very unlikely to need hints for this room. Progress is regulated fairly strictly due to the way Missile Meltdown is structured, providing explicit instructions that require teamwork to complete.

The tech in this room is very cool, and most systems are automated, with switches integrated well into the theme to hide what is going on behind the scenes. One issue with such a tech-driven room is there was occasionally a lag in the system registering an action. As a result, you did not always get immediate feedback upon completion of a task, which could cause confusion. Some of the equipment was also malfunctioning when we took part, but this did not interfere with our ability to complete tasks.

Puzzle Design

Though there are a couple of more traditional puzzles, Missile Meltdown is task-oriented. A computer screen provides narrative information and particular instructions that require significant teamwork to complete.

Though the instructions are pretty repetitious, this is a fairly novel approach for an escape room, and as it only lasts an hour it doesn’t quite get to the tedious stage. In saying that, some of the trial-and-error elements do become a tad painful early on. Fortunately, things are mixed up just enough to keep things interesting, and the progression of the story ensures you have a reason to continue.

Flow is excellent since you are consistently provided with very clear instructions. The tasks are entirely embedded within the theme of the room. Everything feels like it makes sense and belongs in a submarine. The tasks you do make sense within the narrative.

The Bottom Line

Those seeking something cerebral should look elsewhere, but if you’re seeking an adventure you will find a lot to like in Missile Meltdown. The tasks encourage good teamwork and communication, the set is superbly decorated, and the narrative is immersive. You will need a team of at least four here, though six is probably ideal.

Missile Meltdown offers something different from the usual puzzle solving available in escape rooms around Brisbane, and for that alone it is worth a look.

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