Brisbane Escapes: Escape the Jigsaw @ Quest Rooms

A killer has captured you, locking you up in an asylum. You have only an hour to… Escape the Jigsaw.

General Details

“Escape the Jigsaw”
Quest Room, 13 Cordelia St, South Brisbane
60 minutes
2-5 players allowed
Listed difficulty: Challenging

How We Played

14 April 2017
4 players
Hints: 1
Around 50 minutes

The Experience

As for Quest Room’s other room, Sherlocked, Escape the Jigsaw focuses on immersion… to an extent. Where I gushed about the décor in Sherlocked, this room is less atmospheric and has fewer technological marvels. The theme begins strong, but a creepy and disconcerting opening gives way to familiar puzzling. I was surprised, for example, that there was no atmospheric lighting when Sherlocked made such excellent use of this.

Nevertheless, the opening puzzles feel very immersive, though claustrophobes should note that these puzzles rely on the restraint and confinement of some players. Perhaps these opening puzzles are why Escape the Jigsaw lacks atmospheric lighting, as they could be confronting in a more stressful environment.

Escape the Jigsaw includes some great original puzzles and activities, including ingeniously hidden objects. There are plenty of hands-on puzzles, but there were also a lot of traditional combination locks. This is perhaps only disappointing because I did Sherlocked first.

Puzzle Design

Escape the Jigsaw’s puzzles offer a decent amount of variety. Unfortunately, like the atmosphere, they start strong and peter out. Early puzzles intelligently encourage teamwork through targeted restriction, but the final puzzle is a tedious anti-climax. As a result, the pacing feels a little off, with the tension and excitement frontloaded.

Despite my complaints with the final puzzle, Escape the Jigsaw does a good job of drip-feeding pieces of future puzzles to you. As a result, despite the linear structure players rarely feel at a loss. Most of the puzzles that represent a choke point – including the final puzzle, admittedly – will require a team effort. Escape the Jigsaw therefore avoids the potential limitations of its linear structure.

The Bottom Line

Escape the Jigsaw is a good room. Its strong start makes up for the weaker endgame. Unfortunately, I have seen what Quest Rooms are capable of with Sherlocked, which unfairly raised my expectations. The atmosphere and décor are less immersive and the puzzles are less integrated into the narrative and include less cool tech. Those seeking the best of Quest Room’s offerings should therefore try Sherlocked.

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