Brisbane Escapes: Total Carnage @ Cryptology

I seem to be getting into a habit of being captured by serial killers. This time I found myself cuffed to the floor in a pitch black room. The killer would return soon, and I’d need to escape to avoid the Total Carnage they were bringing. General Details “Total Carnage” Cryptology, Kingpin Bowling, Chermside Shopping […]

Star Trek Discovery: First Impressions

Star Trek: Discovery – First Impressions Star Trek: Discovery has recently been released. Australians can watch it on Netflix, which is really awesome as Netflix is a fantastic platform. I watched the first episode of Star Trek: Discovery today and really enjoyed it. In many ways Star Trek: Discovery is a 2017 adaption of the […]

Melbourne Escapes: Circus @ Time Is Key

A circus master was looking for new acts to replace the recently departed magician, sharpshooter, clown, and strongman. We agreed to an audition – but would we regret joining this Circus? General Details “Circus” Time is Key, 2–4 Alexander Avenue, Dandenong 90 minutes 2-6 players allowed Difficulty unlisted Website How We Played 2 September 2017 […]

Escaping Sydney: Ex Libris @ Next Level Escape

A mysterious library. Portals to literary worlds. A ticking clock. And a mysterious name: Ex Libris. General Details “Ex Libris” Next Level Escape, 37 Bligh Street, Sydney 75 minutes 2-6 players allowed Difficulty unlisted Website How We Played 16 July 2017 3 players Succeeded Hints: Many 24 minutes 18 second complete main mission; 53 minutes […]

Escaping Sydney: In Memoriam @ The Enigma Room

It was time to save a life. The woman was in a coma after a car accident, and it was up to us to save her. To do so we would travel into her memories to find the most precious of them all, her subconscious protecting it. Would we bring her back to reality, or […]

Escaping Sydney: The Cabin @ The Cipher Room

Clutching our LAPD badges to our chest, we chased down our latest lead in a serial killer case. They’d left behind clues… almost as though they were trying to get caught. Would we find them in The Cabin? General Details “The Cabin” The Cipher Room, 640 King Street, Newtown, Sydney 60 minutes 2-8 players allowed […]

Escaping Sydney: Rescue the White Rose @ Second Telling

Munich, 18 February, 1943. The White Rose anti-Nazi group is under threat. The Nazis have arrested Hans and Sophie Scholl, two important members, and it is only a matter of time before they find the basement containing a full list of White Rose members. Our mission: to find the list before the Gestapo arrive. We […]

Escaping Sydney: Art Heist @ Jetpack Theatre

We were down in Sydney recently checking out a gallery exhibition at The Wade Gallery. Asked to steal the famous painting The Fat Dragon, we waited until closing time to begin a dramatic Art Heist. General Details “Art Heist” Jetpack Theatre pop-up, 404 New Canterbury Road, Dulwich Hill, Sydney Around 45 minutes 1-4 players allowed […]

Brisbane Escapes: The Pharaoh’s Tomb @ home

On tour in Egypt, you explore Tutankhamen’s tomb. The door slams shut behind you – trapped! Can you escape The Pharaoh’s Tomb? General Details “The Pharaoh’s Tomb” Kosmos, Exit: The Game series 60 minutes 1–6 players Website How We Played 13 July 2017 2 players Succeeded Hints: 1 51 minutes 36 seconds The Experience The […]

Brisbane Escapes: Secret of Dr Gravely’s Retreat @ home

After winning a health package for Foxcrest Retreat, we found ourselves trapped! Could we uncover the Secret of Dr Gravely’s Retreat? General Details “Secret of Dr Gravely’s Retreat” ThinkFun, Escape the Room series 120 minutes (90 minutes if more than 3 players) 3-8 players (I don’t even recommend that many) Website How We Played 8 […]