Game On – Town of Salem

This post originally appeared on Tyson’s Blog here in 2015. It is that time of year for people to let out their inner monsters and enjoy the some light hearted “dark” fun. This is Halloween, everybody make a scene. Trick or treat till the neighbours gonna die of fright. No better time to introduce you to […]

Anime Appraisal: Mob Psycho 100

Shigeo Kageyama is an average middle school boy nicknamed called Mob, which means background character, due to his lacking a sense of presence. Although he seems like an inconspicuous person, he is in fact a powerful Esper. Realising his psychic powers are dangerous he constantly lives a life in emotional shackles to avoid his powers […]

Anime Appraisal: Joker Game

In autumn of 1937, as the coals of World War II are beginning to smoulder, Lt. Col. Yuuki of the Imperial Army secretly establishes a spy training organization called the “D Agency.” Those chosen as members of the agency, in opposition to the national trend toward reverence of native-born soldiers in the army, are civilian […]

On The Table: Pandemic Contagion

This review was originally posted on Tyson’s blog back in 2014 at here   I recently came into contact with a new pandemic that Z-man Games has released upon the world… hmm maybe I should rephrase that. Pandemic: Contagion is a new game in the Pandemic line published by Z-man games. I made the […]

BGSC Movie Nights

The Brisbane Geek Social Club runs movie nights, where we go watch a movie together! This event is enjoyable for the movie buff or the casual movie goer, because the company and atmosphere of being with fellow club members makes going to the cinema an experience (and not a glorified, enhanced home theatre). Being able […]

Introduction to Town of Salem

My fellow Geeks. I have uploaded this video of me playing a game called “Town of Salem” that I bought during one of the Steam Sales. It is very much like playing a variant on Werewolf  or Mafia for those of you who are familiar with the board game. However the moderator is controlled by […]