Brisbane Escapes: “Missing Missy” @ Solve and Unlock

As members of the school’s puzzle club, we are concerned when our friend Missy doesn’t show up. Stepping into her foreboding home, we wonder if we will find the Missing Missy in time. General Details “Missing Missy” Solve and Unlock, 3 Zamia Street, Sunnybank 60 minutes 2-8 players allowed Listed difficulty: N/A Website How We […]

Brisbane Escapes: “Puzzle Tech Murder” @ Puzzled Room Escape

ID cards in hand, we stand against a bloodstained wall. We are all suspects, we are told, in the Puzzle Tech Murder. But who was responsible for Head of Finance, Benjamin Pierce’s death? We have only 60 minutes to solve the mystery and escape from our captivity. General Details “Puzzle Tech Murder” Puzzled Room Escape, […]

Brisbane Escapes: “Locked Locker” @ Fort Locks

The bare room contains a series of lockers, some posters, and a door. Somehow we must work together to open up all of the lockers, solve the puzzles and earn the golden trophy hidden in the final locked locker. General Details “Locked Locker” Fort Locks, 887 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley 60 minutes 2-6 players allowed […]

Brisbane Escapes: “Jail Escape” @ Fort Locks

Trapped in our jail cell, we look around. A small desk. Some books. A shelf. And locks. Lots and lots of locks. It looks like it’s time for a jail escape. General Details “Jail Escape” Fort Locks, 887 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley 60 minutes 2-6 players allowed Listed difficulty: Level 1 (I think – difficulties […]

Brisbane Escapes: “Forensic” @ Exitus

Here we are, a team of forensic experts tasked with tracking down a serial killer. Suspects are listed on a board on the wall, and we are all painfully aware that the killer knows we are on their trail… and that if we don’t catch them in the allotted 50 minutes, we will be their […]

Brisbane Escapes: “The Garden” @ Exitus

We take off our blindfolds and find ourselves in a quaint garden in the country. Is this a dream? Something feels wrong. We have to mine our childhood memories and escape from “The Garden”. General Details “The Garden” Exitus, Wintergarden on Queen Street 50 minutes 2-6 players allowed Listed difficulty: 7 (out of 10) Website […]

Escape room reviews

Escape rooms are appearing all across Brisbane, and it’s no wonder. They offer a unique social activity that can both challenge and entertain. Yet their very nature leads them to be short experiences, usually running for a maximum of one hour. Combined with prices around $30 per person in many cases, this makes for a […]

Brisbane Escapes: The Great Escape from Boggo Road Gaol

Usually with these reviews I am extremely careful not to give anything away, as the entire experience of an escape room can be ruined by a careless spoiler or two. In this case, however, I have no such qualms. The reason is rather sad, to be honest: you will never get to play this game. […]

Brisbane Escapes: “Time Travellers Room” @ Escape Room Oz

Another room down – this time we travelled not only the distance between Brisbane and Caloundra, but also through time to experience the surprising conundrums of The Time Travellers Room. General Information Escape Room Oz, Caloundra 60 minutes 2–6 players (at least 4 recommended) Difficulty: Hard Website How We Played February 2016 2 (yes, far […]

Brisbane Escapes: “Butcher’s Burrow” @ Escapism

Continuing my reviews of escape rooms around Brisbane, I entered one of the more recent venues, Escapism, to see what they had to offer. I found myself scratching my head in a serial killer’s basement with the clock ticking in “Butcher’s Burrow”. General Details Escapism, Wintergarden on Queen Street 50 minutes 2-6 players Difficulty: 8 […]