About Us

Defn. Geek (gēk) – noun – An individual with a particular interest or devotion to a subject that goes beyond or is not considered to be in the cultural mainstream. Music Geek, Gaming Geek, Anime Geek, Film Geek…

Yes you identify yourself as a geek. For you it is a mark of pride, a mark of distinction. You’ve stood in the lines at the comic cons, comfortably read manga right to left and understand that a Dalek is not a pepper shaker.

We are group of people like you and contrary to mainstream belief we can be quite social. Who doesn’t enjoy a pint of lager over a game of Catan as the Tardis flies across the tele in the background?

None the less, Brisbane is a big town and sometimes it can be hard to find people with such refined tastes of the fun and truly awesome. That is where we come in. Perhaps your interests are in table top games such as Dominion, Ticket to ride or Zombies. Perhaps you simply want to watch the next simulcast of Uchū Kyōdai. Heck maybe you just want a group to go to the zombie walk with. Well then, there is a place for you here.


Brisbane Geek Social Club History

Founded December 18, 2012 by Adam Shypanski the Brisbane Geek Social Club began as one of many Brisbane meetup groups but with a different spin. Instead of creating a group based around being in a certain age group or one specific activity he founded a group based on the broad passions of the geek.

Starting off small they had a handful of people, whom would become fast friends, meet at a timezone and they had a blast. Soon after more events followed catching some movies, having picnics and board games and all sorts of geeky fun. As time went by the group grew in numbers and in events.

With the broadening of the group in scope and numbers Adam grew his team of organisers and hosts but he himself was having less time for running events. The big events of the year such as Supanova always had a presense of Brisbane Geek Social Club members as well as things such as flash mobs, comic book day events and regular trips to the Mana Bar (R.I.P.).

With different people coming and going by mid 2013 the group found itself centred around getting together at Good Games in Spring Hill for some board games a couple times a month but only a few other things here and there. A few different people trying their hand in the role of the host. This went on for about a year with greater and greater numbers before work, and study and all those boring life things started to leave only a new core of loyal geeks.

Fast forward to late 2014 and it was at this time that what would become our first official “Leadership Team” for tbe Brisbane Geek Social Club began to really step up to the plate and start organising the events. With Vlad whom would go on to become BGSC President taking the help with organising the regular board games and Tyson the leadership team’s “IT Guy” organising some movie nights at the cinemas. Andrew too could be found cultivating his reputation as a dungeon lord not to be trifled with.

It was also during this time that our friends at Vault Games began to work on their board game store business and event hosting plans. With The Four D4’s Board Games & Burgers becoming a staple of the BGSC’s lineup of events with Vault Game’s now organising and running the event.

It was not long before Adam gave his final goobyes to the leadership of the group he helped forge. Passing the torch over of Organizer to Vlad allowed for a new age in the BGSC. With some clean up of the host list and creation of an official leadership team amongst his first acts Vlad set the group on a path for new life. The BGSC was having a Reboot if you will… in fact being the Geeks we are that is exactly what we called it.

With this new leadership, new reboot and an ambition plan we have set upon a new adventure. Of course like any good adventure starts it began with a party and good food at our Reboot BBQ, even the rain that ensued and flooded out South Bank only encouraged those in attendance!

From there we have expanded adding to our regular board game activities a monthly book club, an online presense on both Facebook and Twitter, a Steam Group, a Playstation Group, regular movie meetups again and this is only going to expand.

This website is the latest in the line of improvements and expansions because we have seen for a long while that the meetup page is not enough for the awesome that is the members of Brisbane Geek Social Club. With this website’s forums, groups and blog we will see a greater coming together of our community.