Session 4: In which the proverbial hits the fan (RQ3E)

It was in hindsight, Scrooge thought absently, probably not the greatest idea to drop a bright light down into the dark hole. In his defence there was no way of knowing there would be creatures to be attracted to that light. That being said, what else did he expect to find down a dark, creepy […]

Session 3: The Screw-up (RQ3E)

Verrater felt a little out of his depth approaching the Dragonewt, but as the Empire’s representative, he felt it was his duty to initiate contact. It would be better, after all, to avoid facing twelve of the creatures when one had almost killed him. “My name is Verrater Bealdor, representative of the Lunar Empire on […]

Introduction to Town of Salem

My fellow Geeks. I have uploaded this video of me playing a game called “Town of Salem” that I bought during one of the Steam Sales. It is very much like playing a variant on Werewolf  or Mafia for those of you who are familiar with the board game. However the moderator is controlled by […]

Session 2: The Birds (RQ3E)

Verrater was glad he had sent others ahead of him toward the cave’s entrance. The bird towered over all of them and was clearly preparing to peck. Grogar, the only one of them who was even a mildly realistic threat to such a beast was ten metres below him, slightly dazed after an awkward fall. […]