So you identify yourself as a Geek? For you it is a mark of pride, a mark of distinction. You’ve stood in the lines at the comic cons, comfortably read manga right to left and understand that a Dalek is not a pepper shaker.

We are group of people like you and contrary to mainstream belief we can be quite social. Who doesn’t enjoy a pint of lager over a game of Catan as the Tardis flies across the tele in the background?

None the less, Brisbane is a big town and sometimes it can be hard to find people with such refined tastes of the fun and truly awesome. That is where we come in. Perhaps your interests are in table top games such as Dominion, Ticket to ride or Zombies. Perhaps you simply want to watch the next simulcast of Uchū Kyōdai. Heck maybe you just want a group to go to the zombie walk with. Well then, there is a place for you here.


It is your destiny. Join the Brisbane Social Geek Club,

and together we can rule the galaxy as geek and geek.



Want to meet up with the Brisbane Geek Social Club crew. Check out our upcoming events list on Meetup and join in or perhaps even make a suggestion. We have events such as movie nights, board game Saturdays, book clubs and other social events!

There is alot of exciting events that we have coming up, so make sure to check out our Events and RSVP today!

This months book for the BGSC Book Club is “The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells. This months genre is ‘Science Fiction’. The book for those unfamiliar with it is credited with the popularization of the concept of time travel by using a vehicle.

If you like the hard copy you can pick it up from our friends at Pulp Fiction, or you can get it on e-book or audio book elsewhere.


For all you video gamers we have groups on Steam, Xbox and Playstation! Just check out the groups and join them through the groups tab, and join your fellow groups playing your favourite games!

We have a Steam group that you can join today, so feel free to join other members on Steam!

Check out our groups to find like minded for sharing your passions with. Each group also has a dedicated forum for discussions. As our community grows so will the range of groups including more focused ones, so if you think that a certain group should be created feel free to do so!

The club has lots of people posting blog posts about various different topics, such as games, movies, books and other exciting stuff! Don’t forget to read up on our blogs for geeky reviews, news, and talk about our recent events as seen by select members of the community.

If you’re interested in contributing to the blog and have some ideas on what you want to post, feel free to contact us and let us know!

Don’t forget you can join other club members on our forums to talk about group topics, such as sharing your Xbox gamertags/PSN identities, or talking about books you’re reading

The forums are also a great place to gather interest in new event ideas such as a new roleplaying campaign or that trip to the latest exhibit at the museum you wanted to go to as part of a group. Check the forums out.